Katy Perry is offering “free” admission to this unnerving amusement park, and we have questions

We’re ~still~ thinking about Katy Perry’s ah-mazing performance at the Grammys last Sunday. You, too?! Now, Katy Perry is offering “free” admission to this unnerving amusement park, reported Teen Vogue, and we have questions. On February 21st, we’re all invited to attend Oblivia’s “grand opening,” so to speak. Yup, “grand opening” online, that is.

Of course, Perry performed her latest single, “Chained to the Rhythm,” at the Grammy Awards.

According to Billboard, Perry co-wrote “Chained to the Rhythm” with Max Martin, Sia Furler, Ali Payami, and Skip Marley. And, yes, Marley as in Bob Marley’s grandson!

As for the song’s music video, it looks like it’ll take place at Oblivia, referred to as “the world’s newest and craziest amusement park” in the YouTube video/ad for it below.

And Perry tweeted about the park’s grand opening, too.

The theme park — aka Perry’s new music video — will feature various rides, such as this human-sized hamster wheel (a metaphor, anyone?!).


In the video, the hamster wheel is called “the greatest ride in the Universe.”


We. Are. Intrigued.

You can watch the promo video for the theme park for yourself here.


Riiiiiiiight?! We have so many questions. And we hope to get all our answers in a few days, on February 21st. See you at then at Oblivia!

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