This mellow cover of Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’ is a late summer gem

There are some songs that sound exactly like a specific time in your life. It could be the ’80s jam you and your bestie sing whenever you’re three hours in at your college karaoke bar; it could be the soundtrack of your first kiss; it could be the song you looped over and over as you cried after a life-changing break-up.

But most of the time, the songs we remember the most aren’t even necessarily the ones that meant the most to us personally — they’re the ones that were played everywhere, and thus you’ll somehow know all of the lyrics, even if you can’t remember spending time memorizing them. A few examples from recent years: “Trap Queen.” “Single Ladies.” And of course, back in the later half of 2008, Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.” Well now we have a “Hot N Cold” cover that will certainly come to signify September 2015.

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The original version of the song served as Perry’s initial introduction into the pop world, and it caught like wildfire — since then, Perry’s clearly been on the up and up. (Hello, Super Bowl XLIX halftime show.) So it’s curious that Empress Of, the music-making moniker of producer and songwriter Lorely Rodriguez, chose “Hot N Cold” out of all the songs in Perry’s discography to cover — but after reading what she has to say about the song, as well as the cover itself, all of that makes a perfect amount of sense.

“I love [Katy Perry]. She’s brilliant!” Empress Of told Rookie, which premiered the song as part of its monthly theme “Give & Take.” “I was thinking of songs [to record for the theme], and I was like ‘Oh, I’ll do Johnny Cash.’  Then I thought about doing something direct, to the point, and really fun to cover.”

Empress Of’s take on the tune is a lot more mellow than Perry’s originally upbeat tune — the kicky melody is slowed down and frosted over with a more electronic instrumentation. Rodriguez’s voice slides above the cymbals and finger clicks, and takes this tune from beachside to late summer star-gazing. Listen below, and check out Empress Of’s original album Me when it drops on September 11.

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