The Internet is very busy trying to decipher Katy Perry’s cryptic Instagram about true friendship

Guys, some major drama is afoot in the celeb world, ICYWW. Katy posted an image of a quote about the importance of correcting your true friends and keeping it honest, reading:

She also included her own eloquent caption: “Aka if they ya true homie and they ain’t actin right, smack em wit love or else they gonna get k.o. from the universe n sh*t.” No names were named, and this is some CRYPTIC STUFF, GUYS.

Hey, it’s possible this is about nothing. Or maybe it’s just about one of her hometown friends. But of course, the Internet is speculating, and they can’t help but wonder if it’s about singer Ryn Weaver, who just the other day called Katy out as a “bully” on Twitter (the tweets have since been deleted).

Ryn claimed that, at the Coachella Music Festival last year, Katy bullied her and her friends:

Now, people can’t help but dissect the post, trying to figure out if it was, indeed, about Ryn:

Others believe that Ryn’s calling out was unjustified:

And still others are angry that Katy hasn’t tweeted her support for Kesha, who was just denied nullification of her recording contract with Dr. Luke (aka Lukasz Gottwald), who Kesha maintains abused and raped her.

Either way, we hope all this gets resolved soon. Instagram fights can get mean, real fast!

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