Katy Perry Clapped Back at Luke Bryan for Telling Her to Shave Her Legs

Listen, Luke...there's nothing wrong with body hair.

Now, Luke…listen. Katy Perry simply doesn’t have the time nor need to shave her legs all the time—and there’s nothing wrong with that. When her American Idol costar Luke Bryan called Perry out for having hairy legs, Perry couldn’t have been less fazed: “I don’t got time!”

Perry posted a video to her Instagram Story on May 9th (Mother’s Day), of herself and Bryan sat behind the Idol judges’ table. In the video, Bryan leans over to her and says, per Glamour, “I know you’re a mom and everything, but we gotta do something about this leg hair.”

Perry then panned over to her peach-fuzzed leg propped up on the table: No, I don’t got time! she exclaimed. I’d rather cuddle with my daughter!

In fact, Perry rang in her first Mother’s Day since giving birth to daughter Daisy Dove in August 2020. Daisy is her first child and her partner Orlando Bloom’s second. In a March episode of Idol, Perry explained that her energy has, well, dipped since welcoming a child into the world, and the mom life has hit her hard.

Though Bryan teases her about her leg hair, Perry said in the above clip that both he and fellow judge Lionel Richie have been super supportive of her as she navigates this new phase of life. “The guys have been so great and so supportive,” she said of Bryan, Richie, (and Bloom!).

When you have a newborn to cater to, the state of one’s legs is simply not on the priority list. And frankly, women shouldn’t have to shave their body hair at all if they don’t feel like it. In fact, we think Perry should be louder about normalizing leg hair, because there’s simply nothing wrong with choosing to keep your body hair!

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