Katy Perry chugging sprinkles to a Willy Wonka song on Instagram is officially our everything

It’s always fun to catch celebrities doing something super regular, like you know, chugging a jar of sprinkles in slow motion, to the greatest song ever in the history of time. Say what?

Yep, Katy Perry’s latest Instagram post is exactly that. And we’re kind of obsessed. In a perfectly healthy and socially acceptable way, of course.

Alright! Are you mentally prepared for this?

And because she's also totally hilario, she captioned it with, "My body is a temple." Officially bowing down.

Oh, also, this video has over 5 MILLION views you guys! Of course, it’s only one of many awesome posts from the singer, who knows how to have an adventure apparently.

Not sure what’s going on here, but we’re into it.

Just another day, cycling down a country road in France.

And munching on a scorpion snack. Like you do.

And chillin’ with this adorable pup.

And living it up in Italy.

But those sprinkles combined with Oompa Loompas… damn. You’ve outdone yourself on the, “Our favorite quirky and adorable weirdo” meter, and we are so, so glad that you did.

Katy, keep one being your zany, off-beat, sprinkle-lovin’ you girl!

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