Katy Perry sent us a not-so-subtle book recommendation via her latest bathing suit pic

If what you need right now is to relax on the beach with a book in hand, fear not: Katy Perry’s got you. Perry shared a photo of herself on Instagram, giving us major vacation envy and also a book recommendation in the process.

The photo shows Katy on the beach during a Mexican getaway, relaxing on a rock formation, while enjoying a good book. It’s an absolutely perfect vacation shot, and she’s wearing the cutest pink one-piece and wide-brimmed hat that reads “start me up,” a nod to a classic Rolling Stones song. So what book was Katy enjoying during her beachside escape?

Katy was reading The Destruction of Hillary Clinton, a new release by author Susan Bordo which chronicles the 2016 presidential election and Hillary’s campaign. Her choice was totally not surprising, seeing as how Katy has been one of Hillary’s biggest supporters since the very beginning of the election race.

Based on the caption, Katy was also seemingly sending a wink to CNN, who published an article calling her the Hillary Clinton of pop music, and recently reported that she’s going to “get political on her next album.” Katy is a vocal supporter of not just Hillary Clinton, but of political activism in general, and encourages her fans to participate in the conversation, too.

We’re just a tiny bit jealous of Katy’s beach getaway, but super thankful for the tongue-in-cheek book rec. Here’s hoping she’s enjoying the trip and the reading material, and will continue to share the stunning photos with us.

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