Inspired by Katy Perry’s new video, fans are now taking the #BonAppetitChallenge

Katy Perry launched a challenge to promote her new music video “Bon Appétit.” In Katy Perry’s #BonAppetitChallenge, people are spraying themselves with water while trying to appear sexy. Or at least somewhat composed.

How the challenge relates directly to the video for “Bon Appétit” is unclear. Unless you pretend the water is broth.

In case you haven’t seen it, the music video puts Perry through a culinary spa treatment. Furthermore, in it, she’s rolled like dough and boiled in broth. Finally, she is served with a new haircut.

On Friday night, Perry shared a video to Twitter in which she sprays herself in the face with water.

A fan expressed something resembling confusion, replying, “And then there’s me not knowing what the challenge is.”

Perry clarified, “try and look sexy while you’re being hit with water somehow.”

She followed up on Instagram, explaining further,

“Do you have what it takes to look like a [star] while being hit/soaked/sprinkled with water... (aka pour some water over your face aka poor mans bucket challenge aka just look sexy while playing #BonAppetit).

Multitudes of fans have responded to the call to get wet on camera. The results of the #BonAppetitChallenge are varied and hilarious.


Whether with buckets, ladles, cups, mugs, or faucets, folks have been eager to record themselves pouring water over their heads and upload the evidence to the internet.

Some really nailed the “look like a star” thing.

While others tried.

And some took the whole thing to epic proportions.

If Katy Perry says jump…

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