Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres will soon have their own original YouTube shows

It’s not easy to keep up with all of the amazing television out there, but you’re going to have to make room in your schedule for a few more shows. This week, it was announced that Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres are getting their very own YouTube shows — and they’re going to be free to stream. Yup, no YouTube Red subscription required. If you have to watch too much TV, it might as well be shows featuring Perry and DeGeneres.

According to YouTube, Perry’s show will be a live special centered around her forthcoming album. The show “will take you inside of her world, revealing the experiences and emotions she poured into her all-new soul-baring music on the eve of her highly anticipated album launch,” which will be good for superfans who can never get enough of their favorite pop star.

Speaking of never getting enough, Ellen is already everyone’s favorite TV star, but her show will be called the “#ShowMeMore Show.” It will likely be an extra look into her NBC daytime talk show, which airs daily, and the various guests who visit. She wrote on social media:

“It’s gonna be youtuberific.”

Of course it will.

It’s not just Perry and DeGeneres who will be free to stream whenever you need a pick me up. YouTube stars like the SloMo Guys are getting a new show, too, along with other non-internet famous celebs.

Kevin Hart is going to have his very own fitness show, which we sort of have to imagine will include more jokes than sit-ups, though he says he’ll actually be breaking a sweat. According to TechCrunch, Hart said he’ll be “doing things you wouldn’t expect me to do, like hot yoga, Pilates, working out with Marines, and show[ing] people the different levels of working out.”

Demi Lovato will also be doing a show that documents the process of writing and recording her new album.

Since everyone loves to sing (judging by the success of “Carpool Karaoke” and Lip Sync Battle), Ryan Seacrest is producing a new YouTube show called Best. Cover. Ever, hosted by Ludacris, in which fans will get to share the stage with their favorite musicians and sing with them. Uh, where do we sign up for *that* casting call?

The shows will all premiere later this year, so keep your eyes and ears out. Between Perry’s new album, Ellen’s never-ending dance parties, and the idea of Kevin Hart doing Pilates, these shows are definitely going to be worth adding to your crowded “to watch” list.

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