Katy Perry’s adorable fluffy pal Nuggets encourages people to vote for Hillary Clinton tomorrow

Tomorrow, on November 8th, the Presidential Election will finally be here. Everyone will flood their polling places to cast their ballots, and we can’t wait to see what will happen. Even celebs are joining into the conversation. But few have been so fabulous and entertaining as Katy Perry’s support of Hillary Clinton for president.

Katy has been rocking only the most fabulous patriotic gear as she campaigns for Hillary. She has also been holding concerts in support of the Democratic Nominee. But probably most important, Katy has been encouraging everyone to get out and vote, which is SO important in an election like this.

Today, Katy Perry posted another video insisting everyone vote, featuring an adorable, fluffy guest star.

Katy’s fluffy pal’s name is Nugget, and she may be the cutest dog we’ve ever seen. And of course, Katy and her pup come with a very important message to get out there and vote tomorrow. And of course, both Katy and Nugget are #WithHer.

"Don't fall asleep on me, we need you!"

While Katy may be talking to this adorable pup, she is also talking to all of us. This election has been long, arduous, and very negative at times. It’s so easy to feel jaded, but we can’t fall asleep. We have to get ourselves out there to vote tomorrow, so our voices are heard!

And if Katy’s video can’t convince you, maybe a little more Nugget will.

We and Katy Perry promise — you’ll look just as adorable after you VOTE tomorrow!

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