This weekend, Katniss Everdeen won the box office and my heart

This weekend, Mockingjay Part 1 (the first part of the final installment of the Hunger Games, like I need to explain) set a box office record, as the highest grossing opener of the year. That’s the national news, now let me tell you some personal news. [SPOILERS AHEAD, OBVS]

I just watched MockingjayPart 1 and I am absolutely clinging to my seat until next year. This movie did so many things right. So much female power. So much badassery. The light that was shed on humanity and the gut-wrenching, painful side of love. Not to mention the fact that Katniss never stays in her hospital bed when she’s supposed to (Seriously, Katniss. You got up so many times though!) My favorite part? The powerful female roles. I mean, a female president and female leader of a rebellion against the Capitol? Yes please. I guess you could say the revolution in the film led to a revolution in me.

After all these years, the lessons of Katniss Everdeen have finally resonated. She’s the best fictional role model to have, and I’m forever a Mockingjay. I knew there was a “JAY” in my name for a reason. Here’s how we can all totally channel our inner Katniss. (P.S. Major props to Jennifer Lawrence.)

1. Volunteer as tribute.  

Throwback to the horrible day where it all began. Katniss proves herself as the embodiment of selflessness when she takes her sister’s place in the Hunger Games. What if we could all metaphorically “volunteer as tribute” for the ones we love? In the real world outside of Panem, volunteering yourself could mean the smallest of kind deeds. Bringing someone a sandwich just because. Being a good listener when a friend needs to vent. And hey, if you feel so inclined, you can totally yell “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!”

2. Embrace your feelings.

If I’m ever in a “mood” I blame it on being a girl, on school, or some other excuse (“I’m just tired.” Classic.). My Hunger Games hero doesn’t do that. She’s not ashamed of her feelings or of being seen as weak just because she’s vulnerable. Katniss falls to her knees when she goes back to District 12. I think we all did, in a way. I’m so ready to embrace a tear like Katniss does. Not only is it a better way to live, but it often spurs the inspiration we need to make the next move in our lives. For her, it was the decision to lead the rebellion. Just a day in the life.

3. Be undeniably fierce.

Who says you can’t save the whole world in style? Certainly not Katniss. First of all, let’s cover the “skills” portion of fierceness. She knows her strengths and goes after them, full force. She blows up an enemy aircraft with a single shot of an arrow. She’s good at self-defense, she has survival instincts, and she’s so brave it’s ridiculous. At one point, she’s asked how she’d feel if she dies in the fight for freedom. She bluntly states, “Make sure you get it on camera.”

I have so many feelings right now. But what I feel the most is the deep desire to find my inner-Katniss roar. Who’s with me? Katniss/Jennifer, I salute you with three fingers in the air.

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