These photos of Katie Ledecky are completely surreal

By now you already know who exactly Katie Ledecky is. Whether you think of her as an unstoppable force in the Olympic pool or the world record breaker who seemingly competes against herself — she’s the embodiment of hard work and dedication. If you haven’t had a chance to watch her dominate this summer on television, well, the pictures of Katie Ledecky are just as surreal.


That’s Katie completing in the 2016 Rio Olympics. We’ll say it again. This is her MID-RACE. With OTHER PEOPLE. We know it looks like she’s just having a friendly swim practice by herself — but that’s only because she is so far ahead of her competition she looks as if she’s alone.

The above photograph is a demonstration of how far ahead of her competition Katie Ledecky is. In her last race, Katie finished a mind boggling 11.38 seconds ahead of the second place winner. 11.38 seconds. We’ll let that sink in for a second.


Yup that’s her again, in the Women’s 400m freestyle, once again swimming in an entirely different race.

Her athleticism has led her to four gold medals and one silver medal in the Rio Olympics. Watching her sing the national anthem as the American flag is raised after her last race is just as emotional for us as it is for her.

We’re used to great athletes being described as “the best,” “the greatest,” “the champion.” We’re just not sure there’s a word out there to describe Ledecky, who has blasted so far ahead of her competition she makes even Michael Phelps dim a little in comparison. In an age where people are still warned not to play sports “like a girl,” we’re pretty lucky to be living in the Ledecky era.

Watch the full 800m race below and see for yourself.

The announcers weren’t even talking about her win at the end! It was so in the bag that the real race was for silver and bronze. Katie Ledecky is all of our #athleticgoals. YOU GO GIRL! GO USA!