We can’t get enough of Suri Cruise bonding with mom Katie Holmes on Instagram

If you’re wondering how Suri Cruise can be a powerhouse at the age of 10, just take one look at her mom Katie Holmes. Not only is she a beautiful human being, but she’s also a hardworking woman who knows how to be a role model for girls everywhere. This is especially apparent when you take a look at Katie’s Instagram, where she shares her fave works of art and (most importantly) reminds us to be grateful for all we have.

Just yesterday, Katie shared an Insta photo that’s making us wish we were Suri: 

With Suri by her side, Katie is admiring Gustav Klimt’s Adele Bloch-Bauer II, which is currently on display at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art. We especially love the fact that Katie created a super sweet mother-daughter moment by sharing her passion for art with Suri.

And they’re an even more perfect pair from the front:


If Katie Holmes has anything to say about it, we have a feeling that Suri is going to grow up to be a strong, well-rounded woman (who will hopefully rock hair bows for the rest of eternity).

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