Katie Holmes shared an adorable #TBT that proves Suri Cruise is her doppelgänger

As of Thursday, January 5th, it is officially official: Katie Holmes and her daughter, Suri Cruise, are twins.

(Or, at the very least, every woman in Holmes’ family just looks alike, sort of like Robert Baratheon and his descendants on Game of Thrones.)

Holmes, who very recently celebrated her 38th birthday with her beloved daughter, shared a #TBT of herself at four years old on Thursday, and while the photo is obviously adorable, we can’t stop looking at photos of 10-year-old Suri and screaming “twinsies” at the top of our lungs. Because, from their hair to their eyes to their cheeks to their shy smiles, the two girls look exactly the same.

Here’s Katie, age 4:

Here’s Suri, age 10:

Guess which one this is?

(Okay, okay, it’s Katie; she says it right there.)

Holmes is understandably pretty private when it comes to sharing photos of her daughter online, though lately, as Suri has aged, she’s occasionally posted a photo or two on her carefully curated Instagram. We seriously hopes she continues to do so, because every single freaking day this mother-daughter duo somehow becomes even more adorable … and identical.

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