Katie Holmes shared a sweet mother-daughter portrait of herself and Suri Cruise

Everyone knows that Suri Cruise is Katie Holmes’ adorable mini-me. Looking at photos of Katie when she was a kid is like looking directly into Suri’s eyes. Somehow, even as an adult, Katie looks so much like her 11-year-old daughter. All of this is, of course, a good thing — because both are stunning, inside and out. Plus, it’s probably super fun for Katie to look into her daughter’s eyes and see herself.

If you need more proof that the mother-daughter duo look like twinsies, Katie’s got it for you. On Thursday, she posted a sweet portrait of herself to Instagram with her daughter, and yep, they definitely share the same genes.

Katie seems to love sharing photos of her daughter, and we don’t blame her.

That’s what Instagram is for, right?

Here’s another picture Katie posted from back in the day when she was around Suri’s age — possibly even a little younger. Either way, they look like the same exact kid — except one’s a little more… ’80s.

And there’s this sweet picture that Katie shared on Mother’s Day. Nothing better than a casual elbow kiss from mom!

Katie also shared the following picture of the two of them when Suri was teeny tiny and the cutest thing ever.

“Love this memory,” she captioned the pic. “My sweetie and I after I finished the New York marathon ?? #gratefultobeamom #mothersday #tbt”

We love how close they are, and like always, look forward to seeing more of their cute family (which we’ll do by continuing to tune in on Instagram).

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