Pause for a sec, because Katie Holmes may have just secretly joined the cast of “Ocean’s 8”

Somewhere in New York City right now, the very funny all-ladies cast of Ocean’s 8 is filming their brand new movie. This is a movie we can’t WAIT to see, and the wait for it is going to be long, and tedious, because all we’ve ever wanted is for Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, and Mindy Kaling to steal something together. #TheDream.

It also appears as if the cast is slowly expanding, and honestly, we didn’t think this crew could get any better. But here we are, looking at some pictures of Katie Holmes hanging out on the Ocean’s 8 set, and it sure seems like she has secretly joined the movie, and this is all kinds of exciting.

Katie was spotted in and out of makeup trailers on January 11th, and it sure LOOKS like she’s getting ready to film some sort of scene. Aside from the impressive main cast of the movie, not much is known about the actual plot of the film. Maybe Katie is joining their crew. Maybe she’s going to try and stop the crew. Maybe she’s just hanging out with her lady BFFs, and needed a little hair and makeup. No idea, but the thought of her joining Ocean’s 8 is a very exciting one.

Here’s Katie wandering around the set, coffee in hand:


Here is Katie wandering around set at the end of the day, with clips in her hair, because #moviemagic:


Here is Katie leaving set at the end of day, and in the front seat of the car is her BFF, Zac Posen:


All signs seem to point towards Katie landing a role in the movie, but as WHO? Ocean’s 8 already has their 8 ladies. Maybe she’s playing a lady trying to STOP the ladies, or has snagged a quick cameo — maybe even as herself??

There’s been no ~official~ announcement regarding Katie joining the cast, so we’re just going to have to wait and see.

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