Katie Holmes’ high ponytail is a look you’d print out and bring to your hairstylist

We say high ponytail, you say Katie Holmes! The actress portraying queen Jackie Kennedy in The Kennedys: After Camelot arrived to Good Morning America looking royally spunky. And now — Holmes’ high ponytail is the hairstyle we’re bringing to our next appointment with our stylist.

Of course, we’re no stranger to a high pony. We wear high ponytails to the gym or to the grocery store on a hot summer’s day. And we love them for when our hair isn’t exactly clean, too. Ponytails have certainly saved us from a bad hair day more than once.

But to see Holmes wearing a high ponytail as a fashion statement makes us think that this beloved ‘do can be more than just a quick coverup.


If you’re not headed to the stylist any time soon, perhaps try out Holmes’ refined high pony for yourself. The key to obtaining Holmes’ look is texture. Note her natural waves cascading down the back. If you’re afraid that you’ll lose your much-loved volume when slicking your hair back into a high pony, do not fret.

Texturizing your hair with loose waves creates more volume in the back and the illusion of thicker locks.


And while we’re on the topic of volume, try teasing the roots of your hair before tying it back.

Adding some volume at the base of the hair will help relieve you of the fear that your hair looks plastered to your head. Avoid gel and heavy hairsprays as well. Massage a bit of dry shampoo into your teased roots and gently pull the hair to your crown. You’ll end up with a sleek look that is far from flat.


As much as we love wearing them to keep our hair off our face and neck, the best part about high ponytails is that they help define our facial features. Let your natural beauty stand out and shine by keeping your hair pulled back!

Katie Holmes is bringing the ponytail into the spotlight and we’re excited. Does this give us a great excuse for being lazy with our hair? Perhaps. But even so, we still believe that ponytails can be the perfect cherry on top of a simple, natural, and sleek ensemble.

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