We’re cheering for Katie Eddington, a 7-year-old amputee who’s training to run her first 5k

We know a lot of people who’ve never run a 5K. But a 7-year-old named Katie Eddington runs several miles every day and is about to run her first 5K — which would be amazing on its own. What’s especially amazing, though, is that Katie has a prosthetic leg, similar to the ones held by Olympian Oscar Pistorius.

Katie and her family endured a horrific accident in 2013: While her dad was mowing the lawn, Katie ran outside, slipped and fell, and her dad didn’t see her in time to avoid running over her right leg.

Katie went through 22 surgeries and grueling physical therapy, but her leg didn’t improve, and ultimately it was decided that amputation was the best option. While her parents were worried Katie would struggle with this huge change, as CNN shares, she has defied all expectations. Two days after her surgery, she was walking. And after receiving a new prosthesis with help from a nonprofit in Orlando called Limbs Matter, which is dedicated to spreading awareness about lawnmower accidents, Katie was off and running — literally. false

Now Katie is regularly running two to three miles at a time, and, CNN reports, gearing up for her first 5k race in August. Again, this girl is only 7!

We’re definitely seeing a bright future for Katie that probably involves multiple gold medals and a prominent spot on a Wheaties box. false

Katie, keep doing your thing, and know that we’re cheering for you!

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