Katie Couric’s hilarious throwback video proves there *was* a time before the internet existed

Talk about a #throwback! Katie Couric just reminded us that there really was a time the internet did not exist — or was at least in its beginning stages — and she did it in the most hilarious way.

This week, Couric shared a clip from her Today Show days back in 1994. In it, she and co-host Bryant Gumble debate how to pronounce the “@” symbol. Given that “@” is part of our everyday vernacular now, the video is pretty amazing to watch, especially considering Couric’s very active social media presence.

“Katie said she thought it was about, Gumble said in the video. “I’ve never heard it said, I’ve just seen the mark and then it sounded stupid when I said it.

Gumble then went on to ask, “What is the internet anyway? Do you write to it, like mail?”

Well, sir, it’s just the most magical invention ever to be made. The internet has gifted us with galaxy cookie dough recipes and easily accessible life advice. Not to mention the ability to keep in touch with long-distance friends and family.

Seriously, though, it’s astonishing to think about how journalists like Couric produced hours of television news every day without the help of the internet. The video also shows Couric asking someone named Allison — perhaps an off-screen producer or upcoming guest? — to explain what the internet is.

Katie Couric shared the clip for #ThrowbackThursday, but also tied the video to her current show, America Inside Out With Katie Couric.

She also took the time to compliment Elizabeth Vargas’ amazing ’90s hair in her Instagram caption. (But seriously, check out those bangs. They’re nothing but #goals.)

Clearly, times have changed. But we’re so glad we have the internet now, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy to reminisce over amazing videos like this one.