Kathy Griffin Puts Perez Hilton On Blast For Bullying

Okay, first thing’s first. Kathy Griffin: You either love her or you hate her. Her humor is brash, vulgar and, let’s just say, not for everyone. Some people might point out that her way-harsh-Tai focus on celebrities makes her a bully, but I like to think she’s an equal-opportunity entertainer with the just the right amount of exposure to Hollywood to at least make her jokes honest. Turns out even the most crass comedienne has limits when it comes to harassment though, and when Perez Hilton tried yet again to pit one female artist (Lady Gaga) up against another (Katy Perry), Griffin put the blogger on BLAST. And to that I say: finally! *bows down*

Kathy posted the following on her Facebook page recently:

So, this is what Perez Hilton is doing for fun AND for work? Creating unnecessary competition between two VERY talented, VERY successful female performers, as well as between their fans? How creative. *eye roll* Like Griffin says, they’re both insanely infectious songs. This is just stirring an imaginary pot. And while I don’t agree with everything Kathy says, I applaud her for speaking out against this over-inflated cyber-bully.

Agree? Disagree? Think Iggy Azalea should reign supreme over both women? (Totally JK with that question, but OMG I love her.)

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