Kathy Griffin babysat for North and Saint West, because that’s just how Hollywood works

Growing up in the Kardashian-West household must be totally out of control in the best way possible. North and Saint get free Yeezys and hang out with Chrissy Teigen on the regular, all of which is to be expected given their parents’ jobs and circle of friends. What’s sort of unexpected? The fact that Kardashian neighbor Kathy Griffin babysits North and Saint West.

Now, we’re assuming this is not a regular thing, but over the weekend both Kris Jenner and Griffin posted pictures on Instagram about Griffin “babysitting” the babies.

Jenner captioned a picture of Griffin on her back on the lawn, surrounded by dogs, “When @kathygriffin is babysitting my grandchildren but suddenly realizes she is outnumbered by toddlers and dogs …..OMG!!” Griffin posted a picture of the two kids chilling with her 96-year-old mom, Maggie, drinking wine. (Griffin’s mom was drinking, not the West kids. Come on, now.)

It’s not totally surprising, given that Griffin lives right next door to Kim and Kanye, so they were bound to get to know each other. Griffin said of the couple last year, “They don’t make noise, they have a ton of security … they’re really fantastic neighbors!”

Of course, it wasn’t always fun and games between the Kardashians and Griffin. Remember, Griffin has said some pretty cutting things about the whole Kardashian family in the past. Once, she made fun of Kris Jenner as a mother, calling her a “pimp” and insinuating that she didn’t raise her kids or send them to school. She also told Jimmy Kimmel once that Kim is “super stupid.”

So, that’s a little awkward, huh? Apparently, what happens on screen in Hollywood stays on screen, since Jenner and her daughter have seemed to welcome their neighbor and taken the insults as just part of what comes with being super famous. Griffin said that when they moved in, Kim and Kanye invited her over the house.

“She’s nice. I went over there a couple of weeks ago.” Griffin said of Kardashian.

Griffin added, “I will say that the thing I appreciated is [that] as we walked out — and [Kim] couldn’t have been any nicer — we had a nice chat, and then I remembered.” The comedian explained, “I go, ‘Hey, don’t get used to this, honey. We had a nice little visit, but you’re not out of the act.’ And she’s like, ‘I know, I know.’”

Could Los Angeles be any weirder? We think not.

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