Kathleen Lights gave sneak peeks of her upcoming nail polish line and it looks so chic

There are few nail colors more classic than a good red polish, which is why we got super excited when we found out the beauty blogger Kathleen Lights has a nail polish line coming out, and her inspiration is drawn from various shades of classic red. We could hardly contain our excitement and suspense after the initial announcement was made last week! Luckily, on Thursday morning she graciously gave us the first real peek at the Kathleen Lights nail polish line, and the color was a ripe creamy red we can’t wait to shellac onto our nail beds.

The new post on Instagram reveals that the first Kathleen Lights shade is named “Brick Sidewalk,” but we still don’t know when it will be released for our hungry hands!

It kind of looks like a sexy tomato soup.

She even played a game of “I Spy” with her nail polish preview, very clever.

Of course, the central placement and KL initials help us out. But still, she makes us do a little work.


At this point, we still have to wait patiently to buy anything from the line or spy more colors! However, she did give us another clue, in this black and white pic.

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