Kathie Lee Gifford dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween, even swung on her own wrecking ball

Even though the music video was released back in 2013, people still can’t get enough. During the Halloween-themed episode of Today, Kathie Lee Gifford dressed as Miley Cyrus, and even created her own “Wrecking Ball” video to prove she was serious about the incredible transformation.

Just awhile back, Cyrus herself said she’s somewhat over her “Wrecking Ball” era of music, but still — we think she’d find this to be pretty funny. Then again, throughout the years she’s probably caught both covers and parodies of her song from artists like Billy Corgan down to Miss Piggy — with the latter being a fan-created mash-up.

While the anchors had a “theme” of country music stars — with co-host Hoda Kotb going so far as to dress up like Blake Shelton — Gifford’s pre-taped segment as Cyrus from the Bangerz days took the audience by surprise.

To copy her signature video look, Gifford wore a nude bodysuit and mimicked the singer’s short, blonde haircut. The host also made sure to go heavy on the eye makeup.

Throughout the video, she flawlessly sang along with Cyrus’s lyrics, and even included a fake tear or two in there as well — proving she’s seen the original video more times than she may be willing to admit. And hey, it paid off.

While Gifford dressed as a “flowery” version of Cyrus throughout the show itself, it’s kind of cool to remember how much range Cyrus has in terms of style — and it’s even cooler that Gifford wanted to pay tribute.

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