Even though we miss Meghan Markle, our first look at Katherine Heigl on Suits is easing the pain a little bit

It’s out with the old and in with the new on Suits! The Season 7B finale of the fan-favorite drama only aired a few hours ago on Wednesday, April 25th, but the USA Network drama is already gearing up for Season 8 this summer, and there’s a new trailer to prove it. Series regulars Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle exited the series in the finale last night (because, ahem, a *certain someone* is getting married soon and our invite to the royal wedding seems to have gotten lost in the mail?). But the show is ready for an influx of new blood, and who better to start a new chapter in Suits than Katherine Heigl?

The Grey’s Anatomy alum is joining Suits when Season 8 premieres this summer, and footage of her on the drama is already here. And you guys, she is fierce AF. Seriously, Katherine Heigl’s new role is serious *goals*. We only get two short scenes of her lawyer, Samantha Wheeler, in the trailer, but those two scenes should tell you all you need to know about her new character. Namely, the fact that you should not get on her bad side. Because she has plans for her future and you do not want to be standing in her way.

Also, you definitely do not want to call Samantha “Sam,” because again, don’t get on her bad side.

Check out the new footage of Katherine Heigl on Suits below:


Season 8 of Suits marks the end of an era, because it’s the first season without original series regulars Adams and Markle. Their characters did get a happy ending in the finale: the on-screen couple exited the series as newlyweds and left the firm behind for a new job opportunity at a law firm in Seattle. While we’re going to be forever sobbing at losing Mike and Rachel’s love story, gaining this formidable power lawyer with Katherine Heigl’s Samantha is going to be incredible, and helps soften the blow.

Suits Season 8 premieres in July on the USA Network.

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