Katherine Heigl got super real about hiding her baby bump at work

Katherine Heigl has been in the news a lot lately, mostly because of the ongoing drama and responses from her former Knocked Up co-star Seth Rogen about her comments regarding sexism in that movie. This is super disappointing because, rather than focusing on this years-old drama, we could be discussing any number of the really cool things going on in Heigl’s life at the moment – like the fact that she’s expecting her third child with her hubby Josh Kelley and is making her return to television in the new CBS drama Doubt. All great and exciting things!


Heigl recently spoke to PEOPLE and got super real about the challenges of hiding her growing baby bump onscreen.

I’m excited for Doubt for a number of reasons. It’s been far too long since Heigl was consistently onscreen, and she’s a great actress. She starred on the short lived NBC series State of Affairs last year but that was cancelled after only one season. It’s great that Heigl will finally get to show off her acting chops in a show that looks like it will go the distance – the series trailer, released yesterday, has me totally psyched for the series premiere.

Also, Laverne Cox co-stars, which is awesome (because she’s an incredibly talented actress) and also a ground-breaking step forward in transgender representation in media. The show is about a lawyer (Heigl) who falls in love with her client, who is accused of murder. So, y’know, DRAMA is afoot.

Of course, given the show’s plot, a pregnancy for Heigl’s character couldn’t be written in. It just wouldn’t fit. So when Heigl announced her pregnancy this past June, it quickly became obvious that the show, which is currently filming and premiering midseason, would need to get creative with hiding her growing baby bump.

“We’re working really hard to try to hide [my pregnancy], and it’s a challenge,” Heigl told PEOPLE. “Because every day my body changes a little bit more.”

Heigl went on to explain that, initially, the costume crew had other ideas altogether for her lead character Sadie Ellis’s costuming.

“We started out with really high hopes of like, fitted, pencil skirts and those really great Victoria Beckham dresses, and that became impossible pretty quickly,” Heigl said. “So now it’s a lot of big coats. It’s either a purse, a jacket.”

Big coats, purses or jackets are all tried and true ways of concealing a pregnancy onscreen when the portrayer is expecting but the character is not. Shows like Scandal, The Americans, How I Met Your Mother and many more have employed all of these methods (to varying degrees of effectiveness and, occasionally, inadvertent hilarity).

Of course, there are ~other~ ways to hide a baby bump….

“I think I should start carrying a big plant around, honestly — just to shake things up,” Heigl joked. “Maybe a dog! Maybe [Sadie] has a small dog that she carries with her everywhere. Like a service dog. I’m gonna pitch that.”

LOL! Personally, I think the small dog option is an amazing idea. Either way, I’m sure Heigl will look radiant and fashionable in the role and can’t wait until a premiere date for Doubt is officially announced!