Katherine Heigl knows just how to end a long work day

Actress, mom, and wife Katherine Heigl showed us how she starts her day. And thanks to a recent Instagram post, we now know how Katherine Heigl brings a long work day to an end, as well. The mom of three has been on a press tour, promoting her latest film Unforgettable. 

We know just how taxing the post-production obligation can be from other celeb accounts. And we honestly wouldn’t wish the hectic schedule on anyone. Well, Katherine Heigl may have the secret to making it all worth it. And her latest post of Tito’s Vodka, olives, and chic martini glasses just delivered the ultimate clue.

We’re used to finding all of Katherine Heigl’s mommy secrets from her blog, but this after work Instagram post just spoke to us in a whole new way.


Katherine’s secret for getting through a tough day? Taking the edge off with a yummy cocktail! It’s so simple, yet so rewarding. And we totally know from experience. There’s nothing more fulfilling than ending a day when you kicked ass with your favorite remedy.

You better treat yo’ self, queen!

Katherine looks so comfy and cute, and excited to unwind. Apparently, the only thing missing from our after-work routine is a big comfy robe to relax into. All she needs now is the perfect show to binge until she’s ready for some shuteye.

We know how hard some of our favorite celebrities work, but it’s always nice to see them play, too. And this busy mom of three knows how to switch it on.

Never be afraid to indulge in your favorite after-hours treat after a long day. Self-care is oh-so-important. Because, as we know, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first.

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