Katherine Heigl swapped her signature blonde hair for brunette, and we’re getting 100% fall vibes

There are few things we love more than a celebrity hair makeover, and our favorite famous faces have been serving lately. From Harry Styles‘ and Charlize Theron’s new bowl cuts to all the celebrity bobs we’ve seen, we love when people change up their signature look for something totally different.

The latest celebrity to sport a dramatic strand switch-up? Katherine Heigl, who has been immediately recognizable by her platinum blonde hair ever since starring as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy in the mid-aughts. The rom-com queen just showed off her brand new brunette hair, and it’s proof that she can pull off any hair color she tries.

Heigl chronicled the change-up on her Instagram Stories on September 3rd, revealing that she’s going from blonde to brunette for her role in the upcoming Netflix drama series Firefly Lane.

She settled into the stylist’s chair with some bubbly and a good book. The entire process took three hours, she said.

Here’s what Heigl’s hair looked like in a recent selfie, taken last month with her sunny blonde strands still firmly intact.

And here’s the post from her Instagram Stories as she settled into her salon chair, getting ready to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest, City of Girls. (Which honestly sounds like a dream day at the salon.)


She took followers along for the multi-step process—which anyone who dyes their hair knows can be a lot more complicated than it seems.


She revealed the end result both in her Stories and on her feed, sharing her new, deep chestnut hue with her followers.


Even though we’re used to seeing her as a blonde, Heigl has actually gone to the dark side before.

She started her career as a brunette, and she’s changed up her hair for roles before. Back in 2010, she went for a deep chocolate color for 2011’s One for the Money, telling Us Weekly that she was “pretty shocked” when she first saw her new brunette hue, but then got used to it, admitting, “I love it. It’s fun. I feel a bit different even though I don’t act any different.”

We can’t wait to see her new ‘do in action when Firefly Lane streams on Netflix, likely in 2020. We’re sure it’ll be well worth the wait.

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