Katharine McPhee took a dig at Smash with an incredibly perfect meme

When a celebrity joins in on a meme, it can go a lot of directions. Fortunately, Katharine McPhee is one of the good ones on Twitter. Katharine McPhee tweeted a meme that kinda made of of Smash *and* promoted her role in Waitress on Broadway at the same time. Congratulations, Katharine. You definitely just leveled up.

McPhee tweeted a personalized version of the “If you don’t love me at my [this]…” meme that has fans going wild for her on Twitter.

She famously starred in NBC hit Smash, which was so good for one season, and so, so bad for the second one. In the years since its cancellation, Smash has become something of a cult hit; the fictional musical within the musical series was actually staged for one night only. NBC is contemplating reviving the show in some format or another. Smash will never leave pop culture consciousness, and oh, does Katharine McPhee know it.

In her instantly viral tweet, the singer and actress compared her role in the fictional “Bombshell” musical within Smash to her *actual* starring role in Waitress. No one was ready for it!


The phenomenon of Smash is best described in Buzzfeed editor Louis Peitzman’s tweet from February of this year:

Smash stans never say die. And they’re right not to, as evidenced by this perfectly executed Twitter joke.

Whether it was Katharine McPhee making the joke herself, or a genius social media team working on behalf of her, she couldn’t have done a better job with this one. It’s funny, it’s self-deprecating and self-promotional, and it’s a gift to her fans everywhere. It’s possible that this is the meme that will finally break the internet. Take that, American Idol judges from the 2007-8 season! We don’t see Taylor Hicks absolutely nailing Twitter these days. Just kidding, kind of.

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