Kate Winslet confirms that winning awards feels as awesome as it looks

When you’ve been a successful, world-renowned actress for as long as Kate Winslet, surely things like award shows become pretty routine. However, when the actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday, she revealed that the feeling of excitement and determination never goes away. Why? Because it’s pretty great to win.

“I suddenly realized recently that we find ourselves in this incredible situation, to have entered a competition that we did not choose to enter, and then you find yourself really wanting to win!” she explained. She admits what other actors are sometimes reluctant to put into words. “I think it’s natural, isn’t it?” she asks. “To want to win?”

It totally is. For some reason, however, some people in her position keep up appearances of not really caring, or being surprised when the moment comes. Kate Winslet has had enough. “I’m done saying it’s great to be nominated,” she declares. “Yeah, it is! It really, really is. But it’s really great to win!”

Watch the clip below!


(Image via YouTube)

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