Kate Winslet also thinks Rose totally hogged that door in “Titanic”

We could talk about Titanic for days and days. Between the drool-worthy Heart of the Ocean, Rose DeWitt Bukater’s other-worldly beauty and unwavering toughness, Jack Dawson’s penchant for drawing French girls, Celine Dion’s gorgeous voice on the soundtrack, and Billy Zane’s awful-but-still-oddly-sexy villainy, it’s still 1997 in some of our brains 24/7.

So when stars who were actually involved in the movie talk about it nowadays, almost 20 years later, we can’t help but get a little excited because YAY, THEY’RE JUST LIKE US! For example, last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Kate Winslet let slip that she’s on Team Jack Could’ve Totally Fit on The Door Raft.

“I agree!” Winslet told Kimmel when he said Winslet’s character, Rose, let Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack freeze to death in the icy waters of the Atlantic. “I think he could’ve actually fitted on that bit of door.”

Winslet isn’t alone in her opinion. In fact, Mythbusters famously explored this much-debated topic (because that is how much it’s talked about) in 2012 and concluded, with science, that both Jack and Rose could’ve survived on the door raft if they’d thought to tie Rose’s lifejacket underneath it.

“People are always so excited to see Leo and myself in the same space, which, you know, at the end of the day, that’s so lovely, isn’t it?” Winslet told Kimmel about the public’s support of the relationship between herself and DiCaprio. “It’s been 20 years, and people still get such a kick out of it.” The audience then cheers, because they’re full of people like us who of course get a kick out of it and will always ship Kate/Leo (friendship wise, at the very least).

“It’s really quite endearing. And we do laugh about it,” Winslet added. “We were giggling about it last night [at the SAG Awards]. I was like, my God, can you actually believe that people just get so overwhelmed by the Jack and Rose thing?”

THEY WERE GIGGLING. Because they’re the kind of friends who giggle together, aka true besties.

Check out the entire clip below, and think about how maybe it’s time for a Titanic re-watch…and maybe how you hope Leo totally thanks Kate when he (hopefully) wins an Oscar later this month. PREEMPTIVE TEARS.

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