Kate Winslet opened up about her “awkward” sex scene with Idris Elba

She’s been in quite a few love-making scenes, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t awkward. Kate Winslet discussed her sex scene with Idris Elba in their upcoming film The Mountain Between Us, and it sounds like the grimacing emoji. (Idris Elba diehards, brace yourselves.)

Winslet joked about the scene to E! News, and even mentioned that at one point, she was helping the director, Hany Abu-Assad, out a little bit. (Since we’re guessing that the only thing more awkward than starring in a sex scene is directing a sex scene.)

"Those scenes are really awkward — it doesn't matter which way you look at it," she said

 Yes. Even when it’s Elba that you’re sharing the scene with. In fact, Elba was even more worried about the scene since he hasn’t been a part of as many as Winslet. The two admitted that when filming scenes like that, you kind of have to “dive straight in,” since hey — it’s part of the job.

"It was weirder for me because I haven't done too many love scenes," Elba admitted to E!

Luckily, Elba noted that having Winslet on set definitely helped his anxiety a bit.

"Chemistry is a really important thing," he said. "Trust with the crew and the director is really important, but when it comes to love scenes, you have to trust your actor, be respectful...Kate's great with that."

You might remember that Winslet was part of one of the steamiest love scenes of all time — with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

And as you probably know, the two have maintained an incredible connection off set as well, so many years later.

So hey — even if it seems awkward, who knows? A beautiful, lifelong friendship might blossom between Elba and Winslet based on the shared experience.

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