Kate Winslet has an adorably personal stake in Miley and Liam’s romantic future

Although we’ve all been absolutely, 100% thrilled that our fave celeb couple — Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, obviously — is back together, there’s one person who is not thrilled. Not even a little bit. And that’s Kate Winslet’s daughter — though it’s not because she has any beef with either of them.

On the Screen Actors Guild Award red carpet on Saturday, Kate chatted to Entertainment Tonight about Miley and Liam. It was the first Kate had heard about the reunion between the couple, and she explained that she had to run it by her 15-year-old daughter, Mia. “She’ll probably be very disapproving,” she explained.

But it’s not because she has a problem with Miley — and certainly not with Liam. Mia’s disapproval is something we can *all* understand to a certain level. “I just think she wants Liam all to herself, quite frankly,” Kate said.

Yep, we get that. Kate also talked about her character’s relationship with Liam’s character in The Dressmaker, in which the 26-year-old plays Kate’s love interest. “I was alarmed to discover, actually after working with Liam, that in fact he’s closer in age to my daughter than he is with me,” she said. “Which makes me feel really young. NOT. At all.”

OK, can we just talk for a second about how much we love the fact that Kate makes “NOT” jokes? But back on subject: In The Dressmaker, Kate has a saucy love scene with Liam. . . which you can probably imagine did NOT make Mia happy at all.

“When I told my daughter that I was shooting the [sex] scene that day she spluttered,” Kate told BBC’s The One Show back in November. “I took it to be jealousy. . . Liam is a lovely, lovely guy, much is made of how he looks and he’s physically extremely beautiful but he’s a fabulous chap and was really up for mucking in with the rest of us. But my daughter, Mia, was extremely jealous, along with all of her friends.”

We get you, Mia. We get you.

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