Kate Winslet learned this important life lesson while filming “Titanic”

It’s clear that filming Titanic was a formative experience in Kate Winslet’s life. It helped launch her successful career in Hollywood. Plus, she found a lifelong friendship in her co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio. Winslet probably gets asked about it a ton (remember when she agreed that Rose hogged the door floating in the water?), so it’s surprisingly wonderful when she has new answers to Titanic questions. It seems like it’s a deep well for her to draw from.

Now, Winslet is sharing an inspiring life lesson she learned during her time shooting Titanic.

She’s out and about promoting her upcoming film The Mountains Between Us, a survival drama co-starring Idris Elba. When ET asked her what lessons she learned from filming Titanic, she had a simple answer: thinking ahead.

"I have to be honest. I think doing "Titanic" really taught me a lot about thinking ahead. When you read the script, Jack and Rose run through the flooded dining room. You have to know that's gonna be five days of shooting, because it was five days of shooting. So it certainly helped me when I was reading this script. [You] just [have to] be very realistic about what was going to be required of us as actors."

It might seem like a small thing, but when you consider the extreme conditions that an actor might be placed in during filming, it’s probably a really valuable lesson to have learned.

Winslet talked about filming The Mountains Between Us with that state of being prepared always on her mind.

"I would go up the mountain with my little backpack of my own survival stuff, and that usually included soup for me [and] soup for Idris."

When you’re shooting a movie in the Canadian Rockies, some hot soup seems pretty necessary to have on hand. And who knows, maybe it was even a little bit about getting into character, too! Whatever the case, thinking ahead is a good life lesson for everyone to hang on to.

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