Kate Winslet auditioned for “Titanic” with Matthew McConaughey, and whoa

One of our favorite pop culture games is wondering “what could have been” with our favorite movies. And actress Kate Winslet just dropped some information that will change our lives forever. Seriously, forever. Apparently, Winslet auditioned for Titanic opposite Matthew McConaughey. Which means — yep — Jack Dawson could have been played by Matthew McConaughey. And our minds are blown.

On Thursday, November 30th, Winslet was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And of course, they discussed all things Titanic. (ICYMI, Titanic is back in theaters this week to celebrate the film’s 20th anniversary!) Colbert and Winslet talked about everything from the infamous door debate to her initial audition for the film. While they chatted, Winslet revealed that McConaughey was the frontrunner to play her Titanic lover. Oh, what could have been!

Winslet was charmingly adorable (as always) describing the movie’s history and little-known facts. The McConaughey audition tidbit was something that has never been revealed before. “I auditioned with Matthew —isn’t that weird? Never said that in public before!” she told Colbert. “I did, yes, I did. I auditioned with Matthew, which was completely fantastic. It just wouldn’t have been the whole ‘Jack and Rose, Kate and Leo’ thing.”

Christian Bale, Billy Crudup, and Johnny Depp also auditioned for the role of Jack. They didn’t audition with Winslet, but it’s still wild to think about what could have been. Even though McConaughey was Paramount’s first choice, director James Cameron insisted on DiCaprio, and we’re so glad that he did.

While you process that information, enjoy the rest of Winslet’s interview.

She and Colbert even reenacted that famous door scene, further proving that there was probably enough room for Jack to live. The whole interview is incredible, but the McConaughey discussion starts around 2:50.


On this, the almost-20-year-anniversary of Titanic, we are so thankful that we have Kate and Leo. Their friendship and on-screen chemistry has been so important to us for so long. No offense, Matthew. You’ve done alright, alright, alright.

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