Duchess Kate and Prince William’s trip into a giant clock is straight out of a fairy tale illustration

To be fair, we think that everything that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touches magically turns into a fairy tale. And Prince William and Duchess Kate’s recent trip to Paris just gave us all of the proof.

The couple ventured off to the Musée d’Orsay during their two-day trip to the French capital, and took in quite a bit of art and history. Lucky for us, we have pictures of the parents taking a look across the River Seine. And all of the romance seeping through will blow you away!

The Duke and Duchess looked very dapper, might we add. And Kate totally stunned in her beautiful Chanel ensemble.


But, the best shot is of the couple peering through a gorgeous clock face to the River Seine.

It’s so romantic! And totally like a fairy tale.


Doesn’t it look like the two of them are time-travelers, rendez-vous-ing at this mysterious clock for but an hour before time TEARS THEM APART YET AGAIN??

Or is that just us.

What can we say, there’s just something magical and romantic about these two.

Coincidentally, this marks the first official time Prince William has visited the French city since his mother, Princess Diana, died there in 1997. And who better to take the trip with than his beautiful wife Kate?

Their entire trip to Paris seems to have been a great time for the pair. And, the pictures look like they could be straight out of a movie.

We know that no one is perfect, but we have a glimmer of hope that the Prince William and Duchess Kate come close.

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