What we think might have happened when Kate and Will met Bey and Jay

Last night the world experienced a level of royalty that almost caused it to implode: Britain’s favorite nobles William and Kate, met America’s favorite power couple, Jay-Z and Beyonce. The meeting took place at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where both couples watched the Brooklyn Nets play the Cleveland Cavaliers. Between quarters, American royalty crossed the court to meet British royalty. Yes, it was kind of a HUGE deal. No pressure or anything. Here’s how we imagine the whole thing went down:

“I guess we should probably go over and say ‘hi.’ What’s their kid’s name again?”

“You guys, this is the most casual conversation anyone’s ever had surrounded by fifteen security guards.”

“Just a heads up: we’re now on the Jumbotron. Sorry, go on, what were you saying?”

“Is it me or are people staring at us?”

“Yup that guy on the left is definitely looking at us.”

“Which guy, the one with the camera pointed at our faces?”

“No, the guy with the gray hair in the corner. Don’t look! Be cool.”

And that folks, is more or less what happened when two of the most famous couples on the planet crossed paths. (OK, probably less.)

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