Kate Walsh has teased more mystery in Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why,” as if things weren’t complicated enough

If you thought that we’d have all the facts when 13 Reasons Why returns think again. Kate Walsh has teased more mystery in Season 2 of the hit Netflix drama, which leaves us feeling pretty intrigued by what could be about to happen at Liberty High School.

Now, we know that we had a lot of questions when 13 Reasons Why ended. There were so many cliffhangers that we felt that it was completely inevitable that the show would return for a second season, which has just begun filming.

However, according to Kate Walsh, who plays Olivia Baker, Hannah Baker’s mom, we’re going to find out even more about Hannah as the show progresses.

“We’ve already started shooting,” Walsh told PEOPLE Now, “so I know where it’s going.”

The actor teased that, like Season 1, the use of flashbacks will play an integral part in the show.

"[Creator Brian Yorkey's] use of time and going back and forth in time, we’ll see more of that," she revealed. "He has such an incredibly all-encompassing vision for the show."

Indeed, the actor praised those involved with making the show for “storytelling in a kind of Rashomon kind of way,” pointing towards all the different perspectives that we’re given. It’s this, she says that is at the heart of the show, as it “brings] up the ideas of what is true, what is real, [and] what is not.”

Of course, while we know that Hannah’s experiences aren’t untrue as some of the characters have admitted to their parts or confirmed certain events, we do know that there are many ways to interpret situations, and some people might not necessarily remember certain events in the same way.

“The mystery just keeps getting more and more revealed,” Walsh told PEOPLE Now, before going on to say that her character of Mrs. Baker would “still [be] questing for the answers of what happened to her daughter.”

Finally, the actor said that that while she didn’t know when Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why would air, she thought that it *might* be when Season 1 premiered on Netflix (i.e. next spring).

Okay, so while we don’t necessarily know any specific details about Season 2, we do know that there’s certainly more going on than we initially thought. And, given how popular the first season was, we’re expecting the show to have as big an impact when it returns next year.

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