Kate Upton got real about how to gain confidence during swimsuit season

If there’s anyone who knows about swimsuit season, it’s Kate Upton. Now that the weather is getting hotter, Upton talked about feeling confident in swimwear. And she even admitted that sometimes she doesn’t feel truly on her game. Oh yes — even an internationally known model can feel a little self-conscious at times. It’s pretty refreshing, if you think about it.

The good news is, Upton also has a lot of tips that’ll help remind you of your true beauty.

See, beauty starts with confidence — and if you feel good, you’ll look good as well.

"You always have struggles," she said in an interview with Yahoo Style, after mentioning that she still lacks some bikini confidence. "It’s not like I always feel my best. Everybody has moments where they don’t feel confident in a bikini. It’s what we’re striving for: self-love. We work our way up. When I don’t feel my best, that’s OK."

Upton also said that as far as weight is concerned, she doesn’t care about a number on a scale. Instead, she focuses on how happy she currently is — and we think that’s excellent advice, especially from someone as highly photographed as Upton.

Upton has always been truly body-positive, and it’s kind of nice to know that even she has days where her confidence isn’t incredibly high.

During an interview with People.com, Upton said, “What really matters is how good I feel,” reiterating the fact that diet and exercise should be more about making you love yourself on the inside, and less about hitting a specific numerical goal.

Even truly confident people aren’t always on top of their game — at the end of the day, we all have our occasional doubts and moments of insecurity. We’re so glad that Kate Upton is spreading the word.

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