Kate Upton crushed this dance battle

Kate Upton is a multitalented woman. She models, she acts, and she can dance up a dang storm! Upton seriously crushed this dance battle on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night. The Sports Illustrated model faced off against late night dance legend/creator of the “Tight Pants” routine, Jimmy Fallon. And although Fallon held his own, Upton ultimately took home the prize.

Upton even joined Fallon and Hashtag the Panda during the most challenging dance of the evening, “The Hashtag Dance.” What a trooper. We don’t know if we could have managed this.

Check out the full battle below.

The Tonight Show has been taping at Universal Orlando for the past week to celebrate Jimmy Fallon’s new ride in the park, “Race Through New York.” Upton, a Florida native, gave her review of Fallon’s ride during her interview with the Tonight Show host.

"I consider myself a bit of a ride critic," Upton explained after sharing that she loved going to the Islands of Adventure theme park as a kid. "So I rode your ride..." She teased Fallon. "And it was incredible. It was so good. It was the best virtual ride I've been on. It was so much fun!"

Fallon breathed a sigh of relief after Upton’s review. She told him that she would be critical, so the positive review was a welcome one!

We’re glad these two dance champions got the chance to dance again. And if ride critic Upton said that Fallon’s ride is worth the trip, then we need to get ourselves down to Orlando ASAP! Fire up the car! We’re taking a road trip!

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