Kate Spade made a short film with Anna Faris and Rosie Perez (who are the worst travelers ever)

Every year, Kate Spade graces us with a short film to advertise her new season. There was Anna Kendrick once, who was locked out of her apartment one year. Another time, Zosia Mamet had a bad night out with her girlfriends. This year, Anna Faris and Rosie Perez are the Kate Spade New York women, headed back to the city from a family wedding in Mexico. Just like the film’s title suggests, it’s a very “Bumpy Ride.” It’s pretty cute though, especially if you hate taking planes. It’s basically everything that can go wrong on a flight, including being seated next to a sister-in-law you can’t always deal with.

Perez has to check her bag at the last minute, Faris can’t get a Bloody Mary until they’re in the air, the flight attendant basically hates them. Then they get the news that they’ll be stuck at the gate upon landing. Oh, and there’s a little customs situation they have to handle, but we won’t spoil the ad for you.

Anna Faris and Rosie Perez are the perfect Kate Spade New York women.

In the past, the series is a little more offbeat, but this year they brought in Faris to make things more fun and appeal to a broader audience. Kristen Naiman, senior vice president of brand creative for Kate Spade, told AdWeek, “We love the big physicality and overt comedy that [Anna] brings to it. Her acting is rooted in a real overt way that we communicate as opposed to something [based in] more dialogue.”

“This time, we were really interested in continuing to explore this celebration of the Kate Spade New York woman but also taking it from a slightly different place,” she said.

Watch Faris work out on a plane.


ICYMI: the other ones are pretty good, too.



Faris and Perez’s random plane ride obviously fit right into the rest of the series.