Singer Kate Nash wants you to know that “females of all description” isn’t a music genre

Singer/songwriter Kate Nash was perusing the aisles of a record store when she came across the most sexist sales label. Directly in front of  the “Reggae / Tamla / Rap etc.” section was “Females of all description,” because…duh.

And immediately following this observation, Kate tweeted in frustration, “This kinda shit drives me insane,” according to the HuffPost.

Kate’s frustration was also felt amongst her fans, and they tweeted to show a bit of support.

We’re so proud of Kate for calling out the record store’s simplemindedness, and for continuing the discussion of how women are treated differently in entertainment than men.

Reducing the groundbreaking work of women in entertainment to one, simple categorization is not only disrespectful, but it’s also extremely problematic.

And now we’re curious to know what other outrageous labels record stores use to categorize genres or artists. Because, you know…our favorite genre of music is “females of all description” too.


Here for you, Kate!

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