Kate Moss’ little sis Lottie has the most beautiful new tattoo

If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you know how much time and energy goes into picking the perfect design, placement, and artist. You also know that your tattoo has a lot of meaning for you, whether it’s something you share with others or keep to yourself. For model Lottie Moss, little sister of Kate Moss, getting a tattoo is a decision we’re willing to bet she didn’t take lightly.


Getting a tattoo is a life-long commitment for anybody, but as Sarah Wu at Teen Vogue points out, it’s probably especially serious for a model who may need to cover it up for shoots and shows. Still, as Moss showed followers in her recent Snapchat, not only did she a tattoo, she got a gorgeous one.


As we can see in the photo above, it appears that Moss has a new tattoo across her rib cage. The tattoo depicts three birds in solid black ink, seemingly flying toward the center of her body. What exactly this symbolizes for Moss, we can’t be positive, but bird tattoos often represent freedom or a desire to spread your proverbial wings.

The birds, which appear to get progressively larger in size, may represent Moss’s nearing adulthood and the expansion of her world. As of right now, only Moss knows the answer to this question, but we can all admire that lovely tattoo.