Kate Moss just recently responded to 1994 handwritten fan letter

While most fan mail never gets read, this girl’s letter is the exception. An unopened fan letter by her from 1994 is finally getting a response by Kate Moss. Two decades later and Fiona’s request for an autograph will be fulfilled. Not a bad way to start off the new year!

Because of the sheer volume of fan mail it is impossible to give everyone a timely response.

Lucky for Fiona, Kate Moss is doing major PR for her new talent agency, appropriately named Kate Moss Agency.

And what a great way to promote her new endeavor! Kate posted the fan letter to her Instagram page with an explanation.

Kate wrote, "FOUND - Unopened fan mail from 1994! Fiona from Hereford there's a signed Kate Moss book here for you... Sorry about the wait."

We think a signed copy of her book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book, makes this response totally worth the wait.

This fan letter is a work of beauty. Fiona even drew a flower doodle with some well wishes for Kate Moss.

She wrote, "I always wanted to be a model or a hairdresser. I opted for hair and beauty because I love chips and junk food and I am short, so in years to come who know[s] I might even be doing your hair and make-up fingers crossed."

It’s sweet to know Fiona finally got the autograph she asked for, even if it was a little later than expected.