Kate Middleton wore a tiara and people are freaking out

OK guys, we know we gave you some pretty fabulous royalty news just a couple days ago when it was announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William will be on the stage in King Charles III on Broadway. But now, there’s something totally new that people are royally freaking out about (pun totally intended): Kate Middleton’s jewels at her first State Banquet. Specifically, jewels on her head. OK YES SHE WAS WEARING A TIARA.

Kate wore a Lotus Flower Tiara — a relatively small piece of regal wear so that Kate doesn’t accidentally insinuate that she wants to upstage Queen Elizabeth II. “This was not an occasion where Catherine should be the center of attention,” expert and author of The Queen’s Jewels Leslie Field told People. “If she had worn a tiara she had never worn before the press would all want to know about that. Her role is secondary — this is Her Majesty and the president of China at an extremely important state visit. It was tactful of everyone to not try and take the spotlight.”

It’s only her third time wearing a tiara in her four years as Duchess of Cambridge. Maybe she does so sparingly because she knows that the Internet and the media will have an actual heart attack.

It’s also Kate’s second time wearing this particular tiara after wearing it to the Queen’s annual diplomatic reception back in 2013. “It’s one of the only two she has worn,” Fields told People. “She wore it for the diplomatic reception, which is a state occasion. It was worn by Princess Margaret when she was young and it has a youthful image. And it was originally the Queen Mother’s and she wore it as a young married woman as well.”

Looking classy, Kate. But next time, give us a warning when you’re gonna wear such a gorgeous tiara so we don’t pass out, OK?

(Image via Twitter.)

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