Kate Middleton STUNS in this simple ivory dress

There are some people who manage to achieve an effortless look of divine beauty, and Kate Middleton (aka the Duchess of Cambridge) is one of those blessed souls. It all started with that iconic blue engagement dress, and there have been numerous buzzworthy looks since then; her baby blue coat dress and Jenny Packham gown spring to mind as particularly memorable.

During the 2016 Royal Tour to Canada, Middleton wore an elegant — yet simple — full-sleeved cream dress to a children’s party for military families.


According to the Mirror, Middleton’s dress is from See by Chloe. If you absolutely adore it, know that it can be purchased on Net-A-Porter! We love how Middleton’s look is classy yet casual, with the patterns on the sleeves and neckline of the dress providing a nice eye-catching element.


ALSO, wearing a basically white outfit to a children’s party? BOLD MOVE, Kate. We’re sure it meant some pretty #BOSS maneuvers around chocolatey toddler fingers and barn-yard animals. Way to be a pro.

Oh, and completing her killer look were a pair of Fleur wedges from Monsoon in a similar muted shade. Again, super simple and very comfortable looking… still, it begs the question: how does she do it? 


Damn, girl.

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