Kate Middleton Gets a Royal Title Upgrade — You Can Call Her Colonel Now

She's more than just a princess!

When it comes to his birthday party, His Majesty doesn’t mess around. King Charles is already getting into the party planning spirit for his June 17th birthday extravaganza. The first order of business (literally) on his to-do list? Appoint new Colonels within the Foot Guards, one of which he’s decide to bestow upon his daughter-in-law.

According to People, Kate Middleton has been named the new Colonel of the Irish Guards. Although the Princess of Wales has never assumed a Colonel title before, its duties and responsibilities aren’t foreign.

Kate has been involved in the regiment’s annual St. Patrick’s Day festivities since 2011, the same year her husband was appointed Colonel by his late grandmother Queen Elizabeth. Her first major public event as Colonel will be the St. Patrick’s Day parade in which she’ll walk alongside the guard while donning an all-green ensemble. The day is rounded out with a guardsman’s lunch and toast with Guinness.

The passing of royal titles also signifies a change of titles for Prince William. He is now the Colonel of the Welsh Guards, which was previously held by his father.

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The third and final foot guard assignment went to Queen Camilla, who’s recently come under fire for dining with Meghan Markle trolls. She was appointed Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, but here’s where things get messy.

Prior to Camilla, the royal title was Prince Andrew’s, the brother of Charles. However, due to the exposé of Andrew’s very problematic relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, their late mother took the title away from him. Camilla is the first person to take on the role since Andrew’s public shaming in January 2022.

The Prince and Princess of Wales, as well as the Queen Consort, will assume their new titles at King Charles’ birthday celebration. The public event, known as Trooping the Colour, is a centuries-long tradition for the royal family.

Trooping the Colour will happen on June 17, 2023, shortly after the King’s coronation in May. It’s unclear whether Prince Harry and Meghan will be invited to either celebration.

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