Kate Middleton looks like a human holly bush in her latest red and green holiday dress, and it actually looks amazing

It’s no secret that Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is our spirit animal when it comes to understated, elegant style. We’ve spent a ton of time (perhaps too much? Nah) perusing Middleton’s best fashion moments and attempting to emulate her various royal looks. She recently wore Princess Diana’s favorite tiara and then turned around to rock the most casual of chic ensembles at a Cub Scouts event. So yeah, there’s basically nothing she can’t pull off.

And our girl Kate has done it once again at a Christmas party for volunteers at The Mix youth service in a super uncharacteristically bold-patterned dress.

She literally looked like a living, breathing human holly bush. And even though that sounds kinda insane, rest assured, she looked AH-MAZING.


Ah! We just love it!  The belt (which creates an awesome silhouette), the black heels, and the simple clutch all go to perfectly compliment the loud patterns. And speaking of the pattern, let’s take a closer look, shall we?


We absolutely love how this outfit is 100% holiday-themed (it’s literally a red and green dress covered in holly leaves) without seeming even a little bit over-the-top. It manages to be totally festive while maintaining a chicness fit for, well, a queen.

Oh, and at the risk of sounding cheesy AF, can we also just say that Kate’s best accessory legitimately might be her smile? Seriously — she has an amazingly warm grin that lights of the whole ensemble.

Just look!


We could stare at pictures of Kate all day and we genuinely don’t think we’d ever get tired of it. And yeah, that might sound a little sad and creepy, but we’re OWNING it guys!

Oh, and can we also take a hot minute to discuss her RING?! Sigh. So much perfection. So little time to cyber stalk.

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