Kate Middleton Took Her Kids Shopping and Taught Them a Fun Lesson in Budgeting

Even royal kids go shopping with their mom.

Prince George might be the future king of England, but that doesn’t mean he’s not learning important life lessons from his mom! Recently, Kate Middleton took George and Charlotte shopping, and it seems she’s teaching them how to budget money. Royal or not, this is an important skill!

Though the royals generally aren’t photographed as they go about their business in public in the U.K., a shop owner named Alexa tweeted that Middleton and her two oldest kids were spotted in one of her London stores on April 19th.

Though Alexa herself wasn’t there to see George and Charlotte in action, according to what her employees told her of the visit, it sounds like their shopping trip was pretty normal for kids who are having a day out with their mom.

“The kids had a budget that they stuck to and paid for their own things with their own money,” she added in a later tweet. “Just normal well brought up children and a normal parent trying to do the right thing and that’s just lovely!”

Given that Middleton has always been a super involved mom (despite also being the Duchess of Cambridge) it’s no surprise that she wanted to take them to the store herself—or that she’s teaching them skills like budgeting. After all, she didn’t grow up royal, and it definitely sounds like her kiddos are benefiting from that fact.

The duchess has been known to try to parent her little ones as normally as possible—including taking them out for picnics, dealing with public temper tantrums, carrying them on her hip when they’re sleepy. Despite their royal titles, George, Charlotte, and Louis are still Middleton’s babies!

Royal moms: They’re just like us. Except for the royal part. And the amazing hair. And wardrobe.

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