Just Kate Middleton looking absolutely flawless again

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped out for a little date night on Monday. In between raising little Prince George and Princess Charlotte, charity work, photo ops, and a hundred other duties, even the royals need a little down time, you know? This week, that came in the form of the two of them (plus Prince Harry) heading to the Spectre world premiere. William and Harry looked dashing in suits, of course, but come on guys, let’s get serious about this. Kate Middleton completely stole the red carpet.

I mean, can she be anymore beautiful (Chandler inflection). 

A few days ago, Kate wore a tiara and we appropriately freaked out about it. Because it’s a TIARA. It’s going to be hard to top that like, ever, but this floor length sheer and flow-y blue Jenny Peckham number certainly comes close. Kate effortlessly pulls off a dress with an open back, a semi-plunging neckline, and a gorgeous embellished middle. It is AH-mazing, it is modest, it is princess-y. We love it. 

And see Kate’s earrings? They come with a super sweet backstory. As People points out, those blue topaz earrings appear to be the same one Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton, wore to Kate and William’s royal wedding reception back in 2011. Awww. Moms always have the best jewelry to borrow.

The Spectre premiere also served as The Royal Film Performance, which is an organization that helps raise funds for the The Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund, a charity that assists crew members working on film and television productions when they face tough times. The thing about The Royal Film Performances is that they’re attended by the British Royal Family, so while that of course means William, Kate, and Harry, it also means Queen Elizabeth II, too. James Bond and The Queen go way back, you know.

But let’s not forget the real star of this show, Kate. Once again looks fabulous and proves that she can wear anything and go anywhere and we’ll completely fall had over heels for it. Oh still need more picture proof of it? OK, here you go.

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