Kate McKinnon Just Proved That 2021 Is Still Weird as Hell in Her ‘SNL’ Cold Open

Stonks! QAnon! And Tom Brady?

Remember when we thought 2021 would be way better than 2020? Well, we may be wrong. Kate McKinnon took seven minutes and 50 seconds during her cold open for Saturday Night Live on Saturday, January 30th,  to quickly address “What still works?” In her segment, she touched on GameStop “stonks;” politicians spreading QAnon conspiracy theories; the feud over suspending prominent conservatives on social media; COVID-19 vaccine distribution; and the Super Bowl, because, Tom Brady, of course.

Yeah, there’s a lot not working in that sentence. In case anyone is still confused about what exactly happened in the stock market last week (we understand, we are too), McKinnon broke it all down with the help of Pete Davidson, who was in character as the new majority GameStop shareholder.

After a brief history lesson—two weeks ago, GameStop was valued at $17 a share and now, miraculously it’s valued at $413 a share—Davidson confirmed McKinnon’s analysis that while a stock price should reflect a company’s value, GameStop is in fact, a dying business, considering almost everyone downloads their games nowadays. Therefore, prices should have plummeted but they soared. Make sense now? No, it still doesn’t.

Vaccines were another hot topic of discussion on the What still works? segment.

Breaking news: O.J. Simpson has been vaccinated. Yes, you did read that correctly! Simpson is “among the first three percent of all Americans [to get] the vaccine,” making him a step above (more important than?) teachers and other immune-compromised individuals. Again, another area that definitely still doesn’t work.

For the full scoop on everything that isn’t working in 2021 thus far, watch McKinnon’s cold open by clicking play on the video above.

Emily Weaver
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