Kate McKinnon wants a “poop log” for Christmas, and we need a minute

We’re all for holiday traditions, but it’s rare that we find new ones to get excited about (because then they wouldn’t be traditions for us, right?!). However, SNL’s Kate McKinnon apparently wants a Christmas poop log (as told to Seth Myers on the Tonight Show), and this weirdly just might be one we can get behind.

Okay, some backstory: McKinnon tells Myers that she loves learning about the holiday traditions of different cultures, and one tradition in particular that has always struck her fancy was the Caga Tió  — or “poop log” —of Catalan, Spain.

She says that you essentially feed a wooden log fruit and nuts, and then, on Christmas, threaten the log with a stick and ask it to poop out gifts.

Okay, you’re just gonna have to watch her explain this one:

This is officially amazing, and how have we gone our entire lives without ever having heard of this holiday gem?

Also, we did some independent fact-checking on this (because…how could we not?), and this is 100% a real thing. According to Slate, children offer Caga Tió fruit and nuts every day in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and also keep it warm with a blanket. On Christmas Eve, they sing a special song asking the log to poop out presents — and low and behold — presents appear under the log’s blanket! (With the help of the kid’s parents, we’re assuming).

  The family then burns Caga Tió for warmth. (Ouch).

The more you know! Thanks, Kate!

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